︎︎︎THE A LOT FAIR organizers, Chris Retsina and Abby Lloyd, show off their 5-minute abs, courtesy of Riddle’s

︎︎︎ Despite public transportation troubles, A LOT of people gather at THE A LOT FAIR

︎︎︎ The People’s Bodega offered a free store, a photo-booth and collected coats for the Astoria Food Pantry

︎︎︎ A fully-kilted bagpiper plays at THE A LOT FAIR’s ribbon-snippin’ ceremony

︎︎︎  Garland collaboration with YAI Arts, pictured: Jennifer Quinones’ lantern
︎︎︎Davis Fowlkes turns to the dark side︎︎︎︎︎

︎︎︎ Juliet Raina, “Get Swabbed, Meet Your Microbial Family”

︎︎︎ A father and son smell a sample of H2O from the Gowanus Canal

︎︎︎ Jacob Jackmauh gets caught up in fair flair!

︎︎︎ Anti-banality Union, “Post Apocalyptic Gamer Cave”

︎︎︎ Jeff Bliumis, “Making Funny Faces”

︎︎︎ Joey Frank slaps John Wilson with a dead fish

︎︎︎ Noel de Lesseps, “Brain Scans”

︎︎︎ Performance by Mario Miron and Zoe Breszny

︎︎︎ Performance by Joseph Brock
︎︎︎ Performance by Robert Zehnder 
︎︎︎ Performance by Fannnsystem 
︎︎︎ Performance by Dom Smith with a little photo bomber
︎︎︎ Jo Shane, “Manifestation Portraits”

︎︎︎ Skip the gym thanks to Riddles!
︎︎︎The MX Liberty Pageant, host Alex Schmidt AKA 32 Dumble Dees, asks the hard questions, pictured from left to right: Arjun Srivatsa, Roxanne Yamins, Angela Trimbur, Alex Schmidt, Allison Brainard, Cecilia Corrigan, Payton Barronian, Gabe Gordon and Branden Mayeri
︎︎︎ The MX Liberty Pageant, contestant Angela Trimbur, dances to Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now”

︎︎︎The MX Liberty Pageant, Gabe Gordon shows us their fiery torch puppet

︎︎︎ Payton Barronian channels the holy spirit through song

︎︎︎The MX Liberty Pageant, Alex Schmidt AKA 32 Dumble Dees talks to audience member
︎︎︎ The MX Liberty Pageant contestants dance as Darius Greyson sings
︎︎︎ Lucia Love, “Meaning is Pain” bumper stickers
︎︎︎ Sophie Becker and Jerry, talk to fair goers
︎︎︎ ︎︎︎Riddles hearts face-painting by Nina Carelli
︎︎︎ ︎︎︎Nina Carelli shows off her supernatural makeup skills

︎︎︎ Abby Lloyd locked up in THE A LOT FAIR’s pillory

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